The 500 Club

Are you ready to win £600 next month?

Moors’ exclusive 500 Club gives out £600, £150 and one mystery prize to three lucky members every month and all the money it receives funds our brand-new project: The Renovation of the Main Bar!

It couldn’t be easier to become a member of the 500 Club. For as little as £3.25 per week you can be in with a chance to win £600 as well help the club build a brighter future by funding the renovation of the main bar.

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What Is The 500 Club?

The 500 Club is an exclusive members club that Solihull Moors offers its supporters. Becoming a member allows fans to enter a monthly draw that gives them a chance to win cash prizes. Each month The 500 Club gives away three prizes:

1- £600

2- £150

3- Mystery Prize (Ex. Training Ground Visit + Lunch With First Team Players)


It is £13 per month for one ball. Only currently occupied numbers are entered into the monthly draw meaning there are winners every month!

What Members Receive

Along with being entered into the monthly draw, The 500 Club members receive a welcome message when they join which celebrates their participation.

Members also receive quarterly email updates which explain how the funds have been used and what the latest is with the selected project.

Currently, The 500 Club transfers all its income into funding the renovation of the Main Bar at The ARMCO Arena.

Members will be celebrated as they have helped the club build for the future. Their names will feature in the design of the renovated Main Bar as recognition for all their help.

How The 500 Club Helps The Club

The 500 Club creates an additional income for the club which is then used to fund projects that will help the club build a better future.


Moors recognises that the main bar needs improvement and plans are in place to transform it into a must visit on a matchday.

For just £3.25 a week you can help us reach our target of raising £10,000 for the project.

Main Bar Renovation Progress

The club is currently working with partners to redesign the Main Bar in order to modernise the space and make it more functional.

How To Sign Up

Signing up to the 500 Club couldn’t be easier. Simply fill the direct debit guarantee form below and you’re good to go! Please enter your preferred ball number into the reference box in the form.

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Hear From Our Current Members

Available Numbers

Please click HERE to access available numbers to purchase.

February 2023 Winners:

335 - 2x Tickets to The End of Season Awards

115 - £150

432 - £600


Can I choose my number?

Of course! Once your payment goes through, we will be in contact with you. You can choose any number as long as it hasn’t already been taken.

A list of available numbers will be regularly updated on the website.

Can I buy more than one number?

Yes, you can. There are no limits to the amount of numbers you can buy.

How do I receive the money if I win?

Your prize money will be sent directly to your bank account.

Can I cancel whenever I want?

Of course! If you no longer wish to be a part of the 500 Club you can simply opt-out. However, we do have to remind you that if you cancel within a year of your membership your name will not be recognised as a contributor to our projects.

What happens once The 500 Club hits its £10,000 target?

The 500 Club income will always be used to fund projects that will help elevate our club. Once our target for the Main Bar is completed we will decide on the next project we would like to put it forward to.

Will the club share the project progress?

Yes, the club will be updating the website so you’re up to date with everything!

How do I know the money will go to this project?

The club will be releasing statements that prove where the money has gone and how it has been spent!

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