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Fans Forum - the key quotes

Fans Forum - the key quotes

By Luke Turner
12th September 2018
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The best of last night's event with the new Board of Directors and First Team management staff...

Chief Executive Calvin Barnett – “We do believe that this Club ought to be in league football.

“To do that, you’ve got to bring everything else along with it.

“We’re looking to bring the football club up to a level where it can compete in League Two.”

Chairman Darryl Eales – “This is the absolute perfect club for me. We can aspire to be a league club in our own right.

“We should be attracting a fan base that support Solihull Moors and we need to get the word out there.”

Calvin Barnett – “The big thing for me was the community side of things.

“The academy, the community and the education side of things is something I’m looking forward to getting involved in.”

Darryl Eales – “There’s a wealth of opportunity to improve things. Wherever we find things we can improve, we will do so.

“This Club has a fantastic heart, a fantastic culture – we’ve got to professionalise it.

“What you’ll get from us is effort and commitment all the time to improve this Club.”

Manager Tim Flowers – “It seems to me that when we play at home now, there are bigger attendances and it’s a lot noisier.

“We’re moving in the right direction and my job is to build on the great work.

“What we achieved last year was my biggest achievement in football.”

Assistant Manager Gary Whild – “The supporters played a massive part in that (last season’s great escape) so be proud of that.

“Be proud and say they’ve got a good side down there at Solihull Moors.”

Director Simon Hawker – “We’ve got the best team now to take this Club forward.

“The load is being spread a lot more and the level of professionalism is going up.”

Darryl Eales – “I believe where this Club is now, we are hopefully the best owners to take it forward.

“You do not come into football to make a few quid. If we got Moors into the Football League, it would be the single best thing I’ve done and I am wholly committed.”

Tim Flowers – “I want us to be a team that is feared and we are.

“We’re a tough nut to crack here (at home) and teams don’t relish coming to our place.”

Darryl Eales – “The heart of any football club is the fan base. The big opportunity we have at the Moors is that we’re trying to build a fan base from scratch.

“We’ve got to build awareness. I am serious about helping move this Club forward.

“We have a fantastic opportunity to build this football club and sustain it. If we can double the gate, it’ll have a tremendous effect.”

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