On the hottest day of the year so far, thirty degrees at kick off, this was a chance for the young Moors side to show what they are made of. Playing at The Automated Technology Group Stadium before a sizable crowd, all was set for them to shine. Instead, from the very start, it was obvious this was not to be. The amount of games in a short space of time - had it taken its toll?

Playing pretty passing football is alright, but it does not win football matches, especially so, when a team offers little in the opposing teams penalty area.

Droitwich Spa, striving for a promotion spot, had a simple – but effective – plan. Use the 4-4-2 formation to soak up pressure with the two lines of four at the back. Wait for your opponents to make a mistake, then pounce in numbers.

The plan worked very well. Moors played all the football yet came away from the game with nothing. Spa had barely 30% of play, yet took all three points. Moors made four mistakes. One in mid-field, three at the back. All were punished by goals.

Too often the ball was received in a promising area, only for the recipient to turn away from goal and pass the ball back into his own half. Too often the ball was given away carelessly.

Yet, all was not well for the visitors either. Oh, they soaked up the pressure – such as it was – well enough. They took the limited chances they were offered with alacrity. All was not well at the back - Oliver in their goal had a dodgy afternoon. He spilt every save he made but on only one occasion did the Moors get forward to benefit, and that led to Mikkel Hirst’s goal. On all the other occasions, the ‘keeper was allowed to gather the ball unchallenged at the second attempt.

It took just thirty minutes for the visitors to open the scoring. A miss-pass in mid-field allowed the first. Mistakes in defence resulted in the other three.

Three Substitutes added little. At the final whistle, the home side were well beatedn. There are matches against Hampton and NKF Burbage to come.

Nevertheless, this first season in Division Two will end with Moors Academy FC secure in mid-table. Anywhere between twelfth and eighth, will count as success and provide a platform for the move to Boldmere in August.

Next Match: On Wednesday 9th May 2018 MAFC v Hampton FC at Field Lane, Solihull KO 7:15pm.

Then: NKF Burbage v MAFC at Barwell’s ground on Thursday 10th May, KO 7:45pm

Moors: Meacham, Clarke (Nhundu), Sephton, Bennett, Hough, McNally, Parsons (Khooshkoo), Martin, Pryce (Mahmood), Hamilton, Hirst (35). Sub not used, Chisholm and Maxwell.

Officials: Mark Chester, Conor Gravey & R Darrow.