Happy Friday everyone!!

It's really quite hard to believe that in just three weeks' time many of us will be getting ready to limber up to take on the first 4-mile stretch!

And if you are competing, whether that be run, jog, walk or cycle, then now's your time to dust down your collection buckets and urge people to donate.

Let everyone know exactly why you have elected to take part, why you feel it is so important to raise money for the Solihull Moors Foundation.

With the building of the Community Hub on the horizon, it's all about looking towards the future and creating a legacy.

The next generation will be heavily involved once the Hub is up and running, so it's quite apt that this week's Fitness Friday is brought to you by our holiday camp kids.

This week saw plenty spend half-term at Moors' holiday camp, taking the opportunity to hone their skills and now they are urging you to do the same, take a look HERE

Moors Celebrating National Volunteer Week!

At Moors, we are all about community, working alongside others to make a positive impact on those living around us.

The partnership between the Village of Forgiveness and the Solihull Moors Foundation is born out of a shared desire to help those in need.

And the Village's launch of a new Hygiene Bank towards the back end of last year was fully supported by the Foundation.

The Solihull Hygiene Bank has offered a lifeline to so many providing free items in high demand, such as period and baby products, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, and PPE.

Based at the Moors, the partnership with the club ensures the Hygiene Bank has the necessary space for the arrival of multiple drop-offs.

The Village is always on the lookout for volunteers, especially when it comes to the logistical side of handling donations and deliveries.

To find out how to get involved, or to make a donation to the Hygiene Bank, please get in touch with Project Manager, Daisy-May Super: daisy-may@thevillagecharity.org.

All volunteer expenses will be covered and there will be the opportunity to get involved in other projects led by The Village and the Solihull Moors Foundation.

Moors Want to Say Thanks!

Now's as good as time as any to play your part, which brings us nicely on to our Hero of the Week, or should I say, Heroes!

In recognition of National Volunteer Week, we are celebrating all those who give their time for free.

Whether it's delivering coaching sessions, working with the Women's team, assisting the media department, carrying out matchday duties we appreciate each and everyone of you who goes the extra mile for the club.

We are incredibly lucky to have such a wide pool of people prepared to lend a hand and during the last year, in particular, they have been pivotal to all aspects of the Moors.

This recognition is richly deserved, we honestly couldn't do half the things that we manage, without you.

Holiday camps, Moors matchdays, the Y & J program just wouldn't be able to happen without such widespread generosity.

Thank you! You're all amazing!

Together, We Are Stronger.

Time to Build a Legacy

Fund the Foundation

Continue the Journey

Carry on Moors' Story

The Moors 4's, an Event 4 All