The Moors 4's is about offering support to families, ensuring the Moors is a second home to those who need it...and helping people like Daniel Holland.

Moors provides 17-year-old Daniel with a comfortable, safe environment in which he can learn about himself and engage with others.

This interaction is vital for Daniel who finds it difficult to adapt to social situations and the time he spends at the Moors is key for his mental wellbeing.

Daniel’s parents Darren and Tracey, have expressed their gratitude to Moors for granting their son the confidence to embrace his true self.

“It’s brilliant that he has found something that he can enjoy by being him. He doesn’t have to put on a face, at the Moors people see Daniel for who Daniel is,” said Darren.

“And there’s no effort to get him to go to the Moors, it’s the perfect place for him. He wants to go and once he is there, he enjoys every minute.

“For a young man as he is now, that hardly ever wants to spend time with anybody else in his normal life, to actually go somewhere and want to be involved, it’s amazing to see.”

Mum Tracey echoes Darren’s sentiment and believes Moors brings the best out of Daniel, providing him with a caring, inclusive environment in which he can flourish.

“I feel without the Moors there would be nothing for Daniel to do,” said Tracey. “There are not many places where we can send Daniel and feel safe.

“But at Moors it’s different. All the staff are so understanding, it really is the best place for him to communicate and socialise with others.

“If there is ever a problem or issue, I am comfortable knowing it will be resolved and Daniel never fails to comes home with a big smile on his face.

“As a parent, I have absolutely no worries that he will be looked after, I have no issues with him coming to the Moors whatsoever.”

Becci Fox, CEO of the Moors Foundation, has worked with Daniel since the age of four and kept a close eye on his progress over the years.

She was therefore overwhelmed to see Daniel summon up the courage to step in front of the camera and take it upon himself to encourage others to join the Moors 4's event.

“Daniel has social anxiety, he doesn’t like having his photo taken or people looking at him, he is a generally nervous person,” she said.

“He has anxiety of new experiences so for Daniel to agree to the video was a massive step and incredible to witness.

“It was amazing for him to express his own feelings about coming to Moors. To hear the joy and emotion in Daniel’s voice was truly inspiring.”

Click HERE to watch Daniel’s video.

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