Time to Fund the Foundation...

Solihull Moors have set their sights on raising £250,000 for their foundation as the Moors 4’s makes a spectacular return in 2021.

Following the success of last year’s flagship event, which saw participants raise an incredible £30,000 for NHS Charities Together and The Village of Forgiveness, Moors have decided to go again this summer.

But this time, the Moors plan to go the extra mile as they aim to raise a quarter of a million pounds for its charity, the Solihull Moors Foundation.

Get Involved with the Moors 4’s

The Moors 4’s is an endurance event, which will take place in the summer, starting at 6pm on Friday 25 June and finishing on Sunday 27 June.

Participants can opt to take part in either the 24-hour or 48-hour challenge of exercising for 4 miles every 4 hours.

Given you choose where to undertake the challenge, the event is Covid-friendly. All it requires is for people to lace up their running shoes and head out into the fresh air.

You don’t have to be an athlete to get involved, everyone is encouraged to give it a go, whether that be running, walking, cycling or even embark on it as a group relay.

Fund the Foundation

Whichever way you decide to participate is entirely up to you but the end goal is the same for all, to get active and fund the foundation.

The Solihull Moors Foundation works with almost 2,500 people across 10 projects, delivering over 15,000 hours of support every year to those in need.

Becci Fox, CEO of the Solihull Moors Foundation, believes the Moors 4’s will unite people and bring about change in the community.

"It's a brilliant event. The Moors 4’s will help to create a sense of belonging and encourage people to make positive changes," she said.

"The foundation is about going beyond people’s basic needs, ensuring fulfilment and helping people take control.

"It’s centred on creating positive experiences, bringing happiness to people and embracing them as a member of the Moors family."

The charity goes beyond football and the foundation offers help to a number of different causes.

Their work ranges from providing social inclusion sessions and holiday camps to helping those living with a disability or suffering from mental health.

Young or old, the Foundation is there to provide a service to the vulnerable people within the wider community.

Just Ask Carts

Moors player, coach and ambassador Darren Carter knows himself the positivity that the work of the Foundation brings to the lives of so many living in the local area.

“The Foundation does so many great things for the community and over the years I have been a part of that,” he said.

“Going out to schools and local businesses, seeing the effect that having the support of the Moors has on them.

“Then seeing those same people coming down to cheer us on, it really does create a great sense of community.

“I would encourage people to get involved. The Moors 4’s is so fulfilling, knowing ultimately you are not doing it for the sake of it, you are raising money to help the Solihull community.”

In raising money for the foundation, the Moors 4’s will greatly contribute to allowing those efforts to expand and help the club reach a wider audience.

Fundraising can be carried out through the event’s JustGiving page which can be found at: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/Moors4s

The money generated from the Moors 4’s will improve the lives of so many within the Midlands and every penny raised will have a lasting impact.

And the build-up to this year’s event is only just getting started! Stay tuned over the coming months for plenty of Moors 4’s content as we countdown to our biggest fundraiser this year.