The Gaffer on today's 1-0 loss at the ATG Stadium...

Tim Flowers on the match...

"I thought we looked dead – a little bit after the lord mayor’s show. We went with the same 11.

"First half was just a dead rubber really. They did nothing to us and we did nothing to them.

"It was scrappy, they were blocking runs and the referee gave lots of free kicks. We weren’t savvy enough.

"It reminded me very much of the Hartlepool game – just nothing in it at all and a poor game. A shot from outside the box wins it and, in the end, we throw caution to the wind a bit.

"We end up hitting the bar and there were all sorts of last gasp defending.

"Did we deserve to win the game? No.

"Did we deserve to lost it? Probably not.

"I just thought it was two average teams on the day, but they got their nose over the line and that’s what counts."

Tim Flowers on losing at home for just the second time this season...

"Sometimes that’s how the National League pans out. The message at half time was that ‘this isn’t going to be a pretty game’.

"We knew it was going to be a scrappy game, it was a one-goal game and they got it.

"Credit to Barrow, I thought they physically stood up to the task.

"I don’t think it’s a crime to lose your second home game of the season. We’ve been absolutely wonderful, so I’m delighted with that.

"We’re coming into a real tough run of games. The higher you climb, the clearer you’re seen and people have got to be careful where they set the bar.

"We’re very much a football club and a football team moving in the right direction."

Tim Flowers on the run of fixtures coming up...

"We have to crack on with the Christmas period because we’ve got a tough one.

"Chesterfield twice, Wrexham and Eastleigh – they’re tough games.

"We’ve put in some monumental performances so far this season and we now have to kick on try and replicate that going into the second half of the campaign.

"We’ve got a fresh face coming in in Nathan Blissett, so he goes into the mix. He adds a physicality, pace, power and height.

"He knows the division, has won it so he’ll be a valuable asset to us.

"We’ve got some massive games and people are going to start feeling leggy and weary. Our job as a staff is to look after them and we’ll do that."