The Gaffer on a narrow loss...

Tim Flowers on the 90 minutes...

"I don’t remember Ryan Boot having anything to do. I thought we were the better side if I’m honest.

"They’ve had a massive win against Salford in front of a huge crowd and another big crowd today. Take the first 20 minutes out of it, I thought we bossed the game.

"We had a lot of territory and, in the second half in particular, a lot of chances – I’m just stood waiting for the net to go.

"I thought we were terrific and I couldn’t fault them to a man. I’m delighted with the performance and I think they’re a little bit unfortunate to go away with nothing."

Tim Flowers on the goal that won the game...

"It’s a big diagonal that we should deal with. They get in down the side of us and to the byline – I’d like to see it back because the lads are saying it’s offside.

"I can’t see from where I’m stood, so it’s pointless me complaining because I just can’t see it.

"I will look at it on the tape and if it is offside, then I’ll be very disappointed."

Tim Flowers on the chances his side had...

"After the goal, the game was basically played in their half but we didn’t covert our chances. If you don’t do that, then you don’t win games.

"On another day they scuff and trickle into the corner. We have to take that one on the chin.

"We’ve come to one of the title favourites with a massive squad and acquitted ourselves very well, so I’m delighted with that. We’re in a good place."

Tim Flowers on the next game against Chesterfield...

"It will be a very tough game and all of a sudden everyone’s looking over their shoulders. People have got something to prove all of a sudden.

"We have to make sure that we’re right on it and be strong, powerful and physical like we showed at their place – that we will be."