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Reaction: Boreham Wood 1 Solihull Moors 0

Reaction: Boreham Wood 1 Solihull Moors 0

By Luke Turner
6 October
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The thoughts of the manager and defender Liam Daly...

Manager Tim Flowers:

"You can never say never in football - while the play's still going on you never know.

"We give a wide free kick away right on the touchline, miles away from the goal. Then we contest, flick it out for a corner then we lose the first contact round the back and then we're not picking up second phase.

"We're not marking our man in the box, last kick of the game.

"I can't knock the lads in terms of commitment and effort. I think our fans appreciated the fact that they'd given everything they'd got.

"When you've got a point in your hand with the clock run out, you've got to keep it. You can't give it away, especially not on a restart.

"We were poor out of the blocks for 25 minutes. I thought we were second best, I thought we were slow - I don't know why. I can't put my finger on it at all why we're coming out of the blocks like that, failing to ask questions going the other way.

"Then we grew into the game and it became an even contest. We had some half chances, they had some half chances and hit the bar off a set play.

"I thought this was a draw all day long, but you've got to go for 95/96 minutes and see it out, especially when you're defending a restart and we didn't do that. It's doubly disappointing."

Defender Liam Daly:

"I don't think we deserved to win the game today. We've had limited chances - we had a little chance in the first half where Wrighty's headed it across and Adi couldn't quite get on the end of it.

"Apart from that, we've huffed and we've puffed and I thought we defended very well as a team.

"Booty's made a couple of good saves, but I expect him to make them outside the box.

"I have to hold my hands up myself, my man's done exactly the same as what he did last season and headed it back across the goal.

"I feel like I've won every header all game and then you lose the most important header and then we lose the second ball and then the third ball ends up in the net.

"I throw my hands up, I've got to be closer to my man off the first ball. We need to be stronger and look after each other more on the second and third ball."

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