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Sat 09
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Match preview

By Luke Turner
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Moors Academy will face an unfamiliar test when they travel to Knowle tomorrow.

Sam Manoochehri’s side are yet to play Knowle this season and are a little in the dark as to how their opponents may approach the game.

“I haven’t seen them this year, so I don’t know what their team will look like.” He said.

“It’s not ideal but in truth, we are always thinking about what we can do as a team. We don’t tend to dwell on what the other team are doing.

“That said, we do often have an idea of individual players, their shape etc. But with Knowle tomorrow, we are none the wiser and we will just have to adapt on the day.”

The line-up isn’t the only unknown Moors will encounter tomorrow. Moors will be playing on grass, a surface far different from the 4G pitch that graces their home patch at Boldmere.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a struggle for us, we still compete well on grass.” He said.

“It is a bit of a leveller though. It doesn’t allow us to play our passing game, we will be more direct than normal.

“It’s good for the lads, they learn that it’s not intelligent to try to play that way when the ball is bouncing and bobbling around.

“They start to recognise when are the right times to play into space, and when it’s better to put your foot through it and clear the ball.”

Sam has made sure the boys have no excuses and held the last training session of the week on the grass pitches at Hampton.

“We’ve been training on grass this morning.” He said. “It gives the lads a feel for the surface.

“The ball isn’t going to run as smooth as it does on the astro pitch. It’s important to prepare properly and give ourselves the best chance of getting another positive result.”

Moors are on a four-game win streak but u21 coach Sam is not getting carried away.

“They’re doing well, but the thing with winning is, we’ve won Saturday, now it’s massively important, we win tomorrow.” He said.

“If we go and have a negative performance tomorrow, the hard work comes undone. We’re in a good run of form, but the players have just got to keep going.”

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Sat 09, Feb 2019