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For all Youth & Junior enquiries, please email: [email protected]

Solihull Moors are a club focused on developing and nurturing homegrown talent. Moors prides itself on creating a culture in which young aspiring footballers can thrive. The club strives to create a pathway through the age groups so that players can develop and progress within the Solihull Moors system.

Their aim is to not solely create players but people too. For every coach and member of Moors staff, the goal is to produce youth graduates of which the club can be proud. It is a player-centred approach adopted by the club where player development is central to the process.

With the focus directed on the player, winning isn’t everything but improving the individual ultimately means improving the overall team performance. All of our coaches follow the Moors Way to provide an outstanding learning environment which caters for every individual.

Moors expect to develop technically excellent players, who are tactically astute, decision-makers, and fully equipped for a successful career as a Solihull Moors player.

Solihull Moors Tiny Tekkers "Taking Your First Steps"

Youth & Junior

It is never too early to join the Moors family! This is where your little one’s footballing journey begins.

Age Range: 4-8 years old

For 4-5 years olds, book your spot HERE.
For 6-8 years olds, book your spot HERE.

Foundation Phase 7-11s "Loving the Game"

Youth & Junior

It’s where the building blocks are put in place, where a budding young Moors star finds his feet and falls in love with the beautiful game.

Whether it is match day or training, a foundation player always has a smile on his face and displays a willingness to learn.

Age Range: U7-U12

If you're interested in joining, please reach out to the coaches from the contact list below:


U7CB - [email protected]


U8AB - [email protected]

U8DW - [email protected]

U8CB - [email protected]


U9JL - [email protected]

U9JM - [email protected]

U9TB - [email protected]

U9CD - [email protected]

U9LS - [email protected]


U10SB - [email protected]

U10PD - [email protected]

U10JB - [email protected]

U10RS - [email protected]


U11KF (MJPL) - [email protected]

U11TG - [email protected]

U11IK - [email protected]

U11JM - [email protected]

U11TS - [email protected]

U11HP - [email protected]

U11SK - [email protected]


U12DC - [email protected]

U12LK - [email protected]

U12LK (MJPL) - [email protected]

U12CC - [email protected]

U12MC (MJPL) - [email protected]

Youth Development Phase 12s-16s "Understanding the Game"

Youth & Junior

The stage where a Moors player comes into their own, when the competitive edge begins to emerge and future stars start to show.

Positive in and out of possession, displays a real appetite to win the ball back and has an understanding of how to play multiple positions.

Age Range: U13-U16

If you're interested in joining, please reach out to the coaches from the contact list below:


U13JH (MJPL) - [email protected]

U13PD - [email protected]


U14CW - [email protected]

U14CW (MJPL) - [email protected]


U15AFS - [email protected]

U15RJ - [email protected]


U16JB - [email protected]

U16SB - [email protected]

U16JH - [email protected]

Walking Football

Youth & Junior

Whether you're just starting out or an experienced walking footballer, we've got you covered with our 7 teams.

Please contact [email protected] for more information.

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