Ability Counts

The Foundation is about offering support to families, ensuring the Moors is a second home to those who need it...and helping people like Daniel Holland.

Moors provides 17-year-old Daniel with a comfortable, safe environment in which he can learn about himself and engage with others.

Daniel’s parents Darren and Tracey, have expressed their gratitude to Moors for granting their son the confidence to embrace his true self.

“It’s brilliant that he has found something that he can enjoy by being him. He doesn’t have to put on a face, at the Moors people see Daniel for who Daniel is.

“And there’s no effort to get him to go to the Moors, it’s the perfect place for him. He wants to go and once he is there, he enjoys every minute.

“For a young man as he is now, that hardly ever wants to spend time with anybody else in his normal life, to actually go somewhere and want to be involved, it’s amazing to see.”

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